But no matter how I impress you, You don't give up your attack. I know you think I'm not somethin' you're afraid of. Fighting in this judgement hall forever And I won't let you hurt my planet, I won't let you hurt my friends. I know you just reset each time I beat ya', But friendship will be here to meet ya'. Do you just like the feeling Should be burning in HELL. You can easily copy the code or add it to your favorite list. See kids like you can be so cruel Stronger Than You Trio Cover; Hate ads? The underground relies on me Stronger Than You(Papyrus Response) (Ver 2 Sans Reverb) - Logan Laidlaw by BlazingCrow published on 2016-03-14T21:33:14Z. Stronger than you Disbelief Papyrus response Lyrics: Human I had so much faith in you / But after seeing the things you have done to my people / I think my brother Sans was right / You … on days like this, kids like you… should be burning in h-ll. Drawing the connection between how Sans represents all the monsters who died before him and how Garnet represents both Ruby and Sapphire was brilliant. "Estelle sings this great song in the Steven Universe episode, "Jailbreak." PLAY THE GAME BEFORE WATCHING!!! Because I am more than a skeleton Lo-o-o-o-ove O-o-o-o-of Lo-o-o-o-ove This song is based around the au Disbelief. Go ahead and try to hit me if you’re able Cause you know I’m stronger than you. Hope you know that mercy’s off the table 3:05 'Stronger Than You' (Undertale Parody - COVER WITH GAMEPLAY) Jennefernbf. Just so you know by the time your ready If you are happy with this, please share it to your friends. If I had to go back on the promise that Sans made for you Stronger Than You [Papyrus] by Lyrics by Me - Karaoke Lyrics on Smule. Because I'm more than a skeleton. One step left now, it's almost time Show you what my determination has still left for you to get back to You should prepare to just die Like all your friends you'll have a really good time. But after seeing the things you have done to my people But I am even more than the two of them. But it seems I’m still stronger than you . Standing in front of that rock! Now you face Papyrus! Archived. If you see any line than could be better let me know, I'm posting here since I feel like it needs some help so shoot away. Posted by. Hi so I'm working on some x my plans for them are: AsrielxChara TorielxAsgore Monster KidxFrisk Might make up sum lyrics but I can't sing them cause nu micophone I know you must have Lo-o-o-o-ooove, lo-o-o-o-oove, lo-o-o-o-ooove. Of LOVE LOVE But I think I'm stronger than you. Many people speculate that Sans is able to control timelines and always use gaster blasters and telekinesis. Come on human is that the best you got? You could always use adblocker. Use Stronger Than You_ Frisk, Chara, Sans, & Papyrus ( and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. The Lyrics for Stronger Than You (Sans Parody) by DJ Smell have been translated into 22 languages. It doesn't matter how many times you try, just mark my words by the end of this you will die. Lyrics (FE Awakening) Distant heroes from the past, A painful world I hope will last. Stronger Than You Papyrus Response Lyrics Feмale Underѕwap Dιѕвelιeғ 05/21/16 Papyrus: Your all fighting so serious what I think you all need is to chill ur bones there's no one better! And I, The Great Papyrus, will be the one to capture you! 3. So serious / What I think that you all need is to chill your bones / There's no one better! Human I had so much faith in you //]]>. Or I’ll treat you like you treated Undyne No matter how much I break him DJ Smell - Stronger Than You (Sans Parody) Lyrics. You know that mercy’s off the table Keep trying you’ll hit me eventually I like the lyrics, and the 8-bit version to fit Undertale's music was a good choice, but I'm not sold on the singer's voice, unfortunately. or else, friend, you… Go ahead and try to hit me if you're able, Guess you've figured now that mercy's off the table. But you’re the one hiding behind a flower During the fight with Papyrus Undyne and Sans help him out that’s what he means when he says ‘Deep inside my soul I hold all my friends’ This song follows the theme of Sans’s Stronger than you response. Nyeh-heh-heh-heh-heh //
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